eat well &
do good

with a Thelma’s Kitchen Membership.

Drive purpose into your company to create a community impact while enjoying nutritious and delicious meals curated by Thelma’s Kitchen at the same time!


whY A THELMA'S KITCHEN Membership?

The average company spends around $728 on lunches per employee annually. Consider the impact of these dollars if they were spent in the community to fight food insecurity and deliver trauma and therapy services administered by Reconciliation Services. Each box lunch membership is an opportunity to routinely engage with social good in an easy way - simply by buying lunch for your company. 


As a Thelma's Kitchen member, you'll receive healthy meals and exclusive benefits including your company's presence on email marketing, happy hours, yearly member dinner, free cookies, and more. Additionally, your membership will give back to the Kansas City community to create a more inclusive home for us all!


MEMBERship Options

Lunch box

per period

$150 a month

for 10 boxes


Additional Benefits: Newsletter subscription & annual Member Happy Hour


per period

$375 a month

for 25 boxes


Additional Benefits: 25 bonus Thelma's Cookies

cHEF'S box

per period

$750 a month

for 50 boxes


Additional Benefits: Yearly Volunteer Day/Member Dinner

leader box

per period

$1500 a month

for 100 boxes


Additional Benefits: Lunch and learn with our team



C2FO is a founding Thelma's Kitchen Member and we've ordered over 5,500 lunches for our team so far and loved every one of them! As a Member, we know that with every lunch we are advancing the social priorities that are important to our company and community.


- Sandy Kemper,
Founder and CEO of C2FO

Membership benefits

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Asset 2_3x-8.png

purpose driven meals

Asset 3_3x-8.png

employee wellbeing

Asset 4_3x-8.png

paying it forward

Asset 5_3x-8.png

dei partnership


Thelma's Kitchen

Operated by Reconciliation Services, Thelma’s Kitchen is Kansas City’s first Donate-What-You-Can Cafe that is now serving Thelma’s Box Lunch and delivering to groups across the metro. While we deliver and provide boxed lunches, Thelma's is also purpose-driven. Proceeds from these lunches are used to provide social & mental health services and reduce food insecurity for KC neighbors in need.

Community-driven membership

Thelma’s Kitchen is a one-stop resource for community engagement, volunteering, and well-being opportunities to support your company. Businesses of any size can take advantage of this membership Thelma's Kitchen. Order our boxed lunches for your next Lunch and Learn, team volunteering, employee engagement, employee acknowledgment, or company-wide special lunch.





Start receiving delicious Thelma's Kitchen boxed lunches and support the community with your membership! Click the link below to schedule a call with our Community Engagement Coordinator to learn more about the details of the membership program, including the details, benefits, and how your organization can drive purpose by doing something you're already doing- ordering lunch!