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Thelma’s Kitchen relies on volunteer assistance to provide meals to our community and food-insecure neighbors. Partner with us today!

Volunteers will come to Central Presbyterian Church at 3501 Campbell, Kansas City, MO 64109 to serve, as we navigate the renovation process at our original building. 

want to volunteer?

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Join the team


Already a Thelma’s Kitchen Volunteer?
CLICK HERE to schedule!

How does it work?

Whether you like to prep food, help assemble Box Lunches, or deliver lunches to partners, there are many ways you can put your skills to use. Just fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION, you’ll be ready to start scheduling volunteer shifts at Thelma's Kitchen. We are glad to have you!


what do our volunteers do?

  • Our Volunteers are central to the work at Thelma's Kitchen. By contributing their time, energy and abilities, we are able to produce affordable, delicious meals to feed our neighbors. 

  • When at Thelma's, volunteers work alongside our team of professional chefs to create entrees, sides, and prepare all the box lunches we serve to our community and neighbors. 

  • You'll have opportunities to cook, prepare, package and deliver meals during your time at Thelma's. Every person who contributes to the work we do helps feed our community!

Who can volunteer?

  • Anyone with a good attitude and a hard working spirit is welcome.

  • Minors 16-17 can serve with a signed parent waiver.

  • We ask that all volunteers watch the orientation video, fill out an application, and the waiver. 

  • Click here for info on sponsoring lunch for the day and volunteering with your group.

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