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Thelma’s Kitchen relies on a 90% volunteer staff to help feed our community. We can't do it without your help!


Already a Thelma’s Kitchen Volunteer?

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How does it work?

 Whether you like to prep food, serve food from the to-go window, or help assemble Box Lunches, there are many ways you can put your skills to use. Once you watch the short ORIENTATION, fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION, and sign the WAIVER, you’ll be ready to start scheduling volunteer shifts at Thelma's Kitchen. We are glad to have you! 


what do our volunteers do?

  • Register -- taking donations at the to-go window

  • To-Go window -- handing out Box Lunches through the window

  • Drink Master -- preparing to-go beverages

  • Kitchen Prep -- preparing sandwiches, sides, and dessert for Box Lunches

  • Box Lunch Assembly -- packaging Box Lunches

  • Online Orders -- watch web portal for online orders and hand off online orders to guests as they arrive to pick up at the cafe door

  • Utility - help with clean-up, prepping, running food, or with miscellaneous tasks

Who can volunteer?

  • Anyone with a good attitude and a hard working spirit is welcome.

  • Minors 16-17 can serve with a signed parent waiver.

  • We ask that volunteers consider the reliability of their schedules when deciding whether to be a walk-in or schedule volunteer. Those with less reliable schedules are encouraged to come as they are able as walk-ins.

  • Click here for info on sponsoring lunch for the day and volunteering with your group.